Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bye For Now!


I am having a hard time keeping up. Time is flying by, I have blog ideas in my head, the month passes and then I am over it! I post photos on facebook, but I'm afraid if I don't write a little something then the "memory" will be quickly forgotten!

I think I am done blogging for now. Probably will just comment on my facebook photos to have little recaps.

Totally just decided this! Is anyone else overwhelmed where the time goes?


Bye for Now!

L.A. :-)

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Lucy Clay and Mike McGehee said...

you mean with two kids, working two days and being a wife, you don't have time???? I am shocked! Don't blame you at all. Go spend some time on the couch reading to your kids and hold hands with your husband. Much more important that blogging.
Love ya!